Rewards of Giving

Planting the seeds of a lifelong commitment to Judaism

The Kollel is a centre for learning and celebrating; a place where Jewish people connect.


With classes and one-to-one instruction running every single day, there is something for every person who wants to get involved. No matter what topic or level, there's a class tailored for everyone.

knife and fork

Every Friday, adults come from all over Vancouver to experience the warmth and connection that Shabbat at the Kollel provides.  Each person who joins us for a prayer and a meal holds a Jewish soul that gets recharged every Friday night.


Holiday services at The Kollel are free to the community and offer unaffiliated and disconnected members of the community a place to celebrate and join.


The Mini Kollel connects Jewish families in a fun, laid back, and creative atmosphere.  Weekly Shabbat dinners for young families, monthly special program for kids, and special holiday services.


The Kollel runs programs that cater to kids of different ages with different needs. The Food for Thought Club brings discussion, debate and lunch to several public and private high schools, while the Hebrew Learning Circle is an after school program geared toward elementary school students.


The Kollel is committed to the 100s of Young Adults it supports. This includes creating a space for their professional dreams to grow. Regular networking events are held that connect small groups of professionals in order to facilitate business promotion and generate referrals. We also support young entrepreneurs through our crowdfunding program Community Circles Vancouver.