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Mini Kollel 

Community Kollel's Young Family Program, The Mini Kollel, is an exceptional place where young Jewish families can come together to share in creative play, meaningful holiday celebrations, and learn about their heritage all while having fun doing it. We believe in supporting a child’s imagination, creativity, and love of play as much as their Hebrew teachings and understanding of how special it is to be a Jew.

The Mini Kollel has special programming devoted to families with young children including:

*Shabbat Shelanu - Kids Shabbat Program - (Geared to Ages 3-8) A new and improved Shabbat morning program for kids in our renovated new space full of toys next to the Kollel filled with learning, drama, guided games and more. Healthy snacks provided. The Kids will join the full Kiddush lunch at the Kollel afterwards.

 Please see specific upcoming events for families here. 

The Mini Kollel is presented in loving memory of Zeilic ben Y'shia and Esther, and Zysla bas Rochel and Abram.

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Mazal Tov on the birth of your new baby! If you require help arranging a baby naming or bris, the Kollel can help arrange it. Email, or contact us for more information.