Bar Mitzvah

Life Events & Learning

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program (Currently on Zoom)

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program’s purpose is to educate every boy or girl who is coming of age and is a solid stepping stone for young people in this city.

It’s a fun way to explore their heritage and origin, in a safe and enriching environment.


We believe that the power of unity with inspired and dedicated leadership in the community can help accomplish our goal of creating a better world. 


Bar Mitzvah for ALL boys: All styles of learning

Rabbi Shmulik Yeshayahu will meet with perspective families to understand the specific needs and learning styles of the Bar Mitzvah student. We will have special staff and programs to include all learning styles, education levels, and specific needs (including the option to learn Ashkenazi or Sephardi style Torah reading!). No Jewish student is turned away!

We support and guide the student with the education necessary to participate fully in the festivities that accompany this important milestone event.