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Israel: Talmud/ Kabbalah Tour

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 (All day) to Sunday, October 25, 2020 (All day) (ended)

We are organizing a small tour of Israel, led by Ross Singer. See the Holyland through the lens of the Talmudic and Kabbalistic stories and personalities. Walk the paths they walked & visit the sites that tell an ancient story.
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Complete itinerary:

Wed. Oct. 14 Day 1 (Overnight in Tzfat)

·        Arrival

·        Visit Caesarea – Herod’s Palace/The Hippodrome/Aquaduct/Synagogue/Story of Rabbi Akiva/Story of Rabbi Abahu/Beginning of the Great Revolt against Rome.

·        Meeting with Tsfat Kabbalistic Artist Avraham Leventhal


Thurs. Oct. 15 Day 2 (Overnight in Tzfat)

·        Usha – Site of the Sanhedrin – Ancient marker of Shabbat Boundary

·        Story of Yehuda Ben Baba in the valley between Usha and Shefaram at the modern Tzomet Hasomech

·        Akko

·        (Tunisian Mosaic Synagogue)

·        Ramchal Synagogue – with Shiur on Ramchal’s writings

·        Kfar Yasif Cemetery

·        Peki’in site of Rashbi’s Cave and Peki’in Synagogue


Friday Oct. 16 Day 3 (Overnight in Tzfat)

·        Nachal Amud Hike to Textile Industry Mills that were financial basis of Tzfat

·        Meron and Rashbi’s Grave

·        Optional pre Shabbat dip in Ari’s Mikva

·        Friday Night Davening at Berditchiv Synagogue or Beirav Synagogue


Sat. Oct. 17 Day 4 (Overnight in Tzfat)

·        Special Tzfat Davening Meals Shiur

·        Walking Tour of Tzfat:

·        Tsfat Synagogues (Ari Ashkenazi and Ari Sefardi, Abuhav, Avritch, Alshich)

·        Magid’s Cave (the site where the spiritual embodiment of the Mishnah appeared to Rabbi Yossef Karo).


Sun. Oct. 18 Day 5 (Overnight in Tzfat)

·        Katzrin Talmudic Village

·        Um AlKantir Synagogue

·        Ancient Tzfat Cemetery with Ari, R. Shlomo Alkebtz, R. Yosef Karo and more)

·        Ari Sefardi Synagogue

·        Shopping at Tzfat Art Galleries

·        Visit to Tzfat Artist David Friedman’s Gallery


Mon. Oct. 19 Day 6 (Overnight Tiberius)

·        Capernaum and the story of the Rabbis conflict with early Christians

·        Story of Rashbi’s Tikkun after the Cave as transition to Tiberius

·        Ancient Tiberius the site of the Guard who gave R. Yochanan Water, The site of the Sanhedrin.

·        R. Meir Baal Haness’ Tomb

·        Graves of Yochanan ben Zakkai and Students

·        Rachel (R. Akiva’s wife’s) Grave

·        Rabbi Akiva’s Grave

·        Hot Springs (Chamei Tiveria)

·        Ancient Synagogue



Tues. Oct. 20 Day 7 (Overnight Tiberius)

·        Arbel Ancient Synagogue and Beautiful Hike

·        Beit Shearim – Grave and Yeshiva of Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi

·        Tziporri – Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi’s House?  The Roman triclinium and the Seder. Rabbi Yochanan’s derashah on the Mona Lisa of the Galilee.

·        Shefaram – Site of Sanhedrin and Synagogue


Wed. Oct. 21 Day 8 (Overnight Jerusalem)

·        Beit Shean Archeology Park

·        Tirat Tzvi Ancient Synagogue at Tel Menorah

·        Ein HaNatziv Mosaic with the most ancient manuscript of the Talmud

·        Drive to Jerusalem


Thurs. Oct. 22 Day 9 (Overnight Jerusalem)

·        Davidson Center Southern Wall excavations

·        Kotel Tunnels

·        Yochanan Ben Zakai Synagogue in the Old City

·        Israel Museum – Model of Temple from times of Mishnah, The Shrine of the Book – Kumran and the Sadducees, Herod’s sarcophagus, Soreg of the Temple, Stone of Shofar blowing in the Temple. Original Tel Rachov Mosaic. Hadrian’s statue. Tel Shalem Hadrianic Gate.


Fri. Oct. 23 Day 10 (Overnight Jerusalem)

·        Bar Kokhbah Caves at Chirbat Midras (for the brave and non-claustrophobic)

·        Herodian

·        ATV to 2nd Ancient Mikvah in Gush Etzion

·        Friday night Davening at Kotel


Sat. Oct. 24 Day 11


·        Walking tour of Graffiti Art in Shuk Machaneh Yehuda

·        Visit to R. Aryeh Levin’s home and story of the Goral Hagra and the Lamed Heh.

·        Visit Nachlaot Synagogues

·        Seudat Shlisheet at Rav Kook’s House with Shiur on Rav Kook’s approach to Kabbalah


Sunday Oct. 25 Day 12





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