Rabbi Shmuel & Rivki Yeshayahu

If youʼve ever met Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu you know it's difficult capture him in words, but we'll try.

Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu received his Rabbinic Ordination from the Rabbinate of Israel. He worked in Argentina and Chile teaching outreach techniques and Rabbinic Ordination preparation for semicha candidates. Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu came to our shores in 2000. For the past 18 years he has been developing and Leading Kollel programming, classes, one-on-one teaching, mentoring, counseling, and leading the religious services. In addition to the very popular Kabbalah classes Rabbi Yeshayahu teaches at the Kollel on Wednesday nights, he also leads the Carlebach style Friday night service and dinner which attracts over 300 people a month and where over 90 long-term relationships began.  Rabbi Yeshayahu is known for his expressive style and delivers humorous, meaningful, and accessible Passover Seders and High Holiday services to over 600 young adults, students, and families every year. He connects hundreds of young adults to each other through creative and meaningful programs year round. 

Rabbi Shmuel Yeshayahu is married to Rivki. They have six children.