Shabbat Services

Friday night:

Carlebach Service at 7:30 pm, followed by dinner at 8:00pm.

Our Weekly Friday Night Dinner brings together over a hundred people. Join us for a Shabbat full of l’chaim, inspiration and entertainment.

Early Shabbat
A quick explanation…

It is the custom in many communities to bring in Shabbat earlier during the summer months when the days are very long.

In the Code of Jewish Law it states: - If the majority of the community have already prayed the Friday night service that welcomes the Shabbat, then the minority are bound to follow and observe Shabbos which has been accepted by the majority.

We therefore encourage everyone that is part of our community to accept Shabbat at 7:45pm in the summer months when Shabbat candle lighting time is later.

Saturday morning: Shabbat service from 10:00am-noon.

Youth Minyan and program:

10:45 am Saturday

The Kollel's Junior Congregation is a structured and fun-filled Shabbat program which enables children to attend synagogue in a meaningful way while allowing their parents to participate undisturbed. Under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff, the children are introduced to the wonderful world of Shabbat.

Followed by a kiddush lunch.

Saturday afternoons:

Service starts one hour before Shabbat ends.
(Daf Yomi 45 min before Mincha)