Shabbat starts: September 30, 2022 @ 6:36PM

Times are for Vancouver, BC

The Kollel High Holidays at the ARRAS
Everyone is welcome to join The Kollel for the High Holidays. Our services are light and humorous, meaningful and contain just the right amount of explanation.
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Kollel Chaver
Together we will build a stronger Jewish Vancouver
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Faces of the Kollel
We are here to welcome you to our community.
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Shabbat at The Kollel
Check out this week's Shabbat schedule at The Kollel.
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What makes Jewish Law

Class presented by:

Rabbi Shmulik Yeshayahu

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Friday Night Dinner

a young adults event

Experience a Shabbat dinner at The Kollel!
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Recent Posts

Shabbat Message

We is Better Than Me

In this week’s Parsha, we read about the Bikurim, the requirement to bring the first fruits to the Holy Temple. This Mitzvah was to be

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Kollel Faces

Shlomo and Laura Daari

Hi Everyone! We are Shlomo and Laura Daari. We recently moved from Toronto and now call Vancouver our home! Moving to a new city can

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