Shabbat starts: March 31, 2023 @ 7:23PM

Times are for Vancouver, BC

Community Pesach Seder
Join the Community Kollel for our warm community wide Seders. The Kollel's Passover Seders have become a local tradition and attract hundreds of people. Experience an inspiring evening full of insights, singing of Passover songs and of course, a full gourmet Passover Seder meal.
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Kollel Chaver
Together we will build a stronger Jewish Vancouver
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Faces of the Kollel
We are here to welcome you to our community.
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Shabbat at The Kollel
Check out this week's Shabbat schedule at The Kollel.
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Shabbat Dinner
Experience a Shabbat dinner at The Kollel!
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Recent Posts

Shabbat Message

Love is in the Details

In this week’s Torah portion, the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) is described in great detail, taking up 371 sentences, while the creation of the world is described in just

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Shabbat Message

Inspiration that Lasts

Last week, the Jewish people had an awe-inspiring experience at Mount Sinai. This week’s Parsha emphasizes the importance of translating that experience into practical rules and guidelines. We cannot simply

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