Shabbat Message

There are many lessons taught in Jewish tradition gleaned from the comparison of humans to trees. The seasons of the tree remind us to see the whole picture of life: […]

Freedom = Accountability

The first commandment that the newly freed Jewish nation received is the blessing of the new moon: marking the introduction of the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar adds another element […]

When it comes time to initiate certain plagues, Moses passes the stick to his brother to hit the earth and water that trigger each plaque. He refuses to do it […]

Hineni – Here I am

When your moment comes, will you hear the call? It was a single moment in which Moses became the leader. One day, as he is herding the sheep, he noticed […]

Unique Blessings

When Jacobs blesses his children, he gives each of them a different blessing. The Torah emphasizes that each one was blessed with a uniquely appropriate blessing to them. “אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר […]

Consistency is Key

Isaac is the founder of the afternoon prayer. Often times it’s the prayer that demands the most consistency and devotion. It’s not fresh in the morning, or during the relaxation […]

Better is yet to come

The portion of the Torah we read this week describes how Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom while she was fleeing. There is […]

Have a little faith

What was the catalyst that caused Abraham to reject the belief system of the entire world and the lifestyle of his upbringing to embrace monotheism? The Midrash tells us that […]

Be Brave

When G-d asked Noah to prepare an ark to survive the flood, he took the directions and did exactly as he was told. He didn’t question whether the world should […]

Partners in Creation

In this week’s Parsha, Hashem creates the world in six days and then rests on the seventh. He blesses the seventh day, and in describing this rest from Creation, He […]