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Who are we?

The band is a community for young professionals who are willing to lead, innovate, and give back to the community. We will leverage bold ideas and resources to define our future and Jewish identities. Banding together to facilitate personal growth, giving to others, and making a positive change in our communities.

Our goals:

Monthly meetings with peers and mentors in their niche market will enrich each participants personal and professional life. Explore best practices, big ideas, bold vision, and a new perspective, while networking with trusted and like minded peers. Capitalize on exclusive access to local business leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers at our meetings.
Give back to the community in a meaningful capacity. Volunteer to better the lives of others both locally and globally. Whether through mentorship opportunities, innovation, eco-friendly advancements, or other “Tikun Olam” initiatives, the band is committed to providing a platform for helping others in addition to supporting personal advancement.
And, perhaps most importantly – the band will focus on action and real positive change. For success – don’t just talk the talk… walk the walk!

We are based on 3 pillars

as explained in the Ethics of our Fathers:

Weekly Tuesday event

The Band provides a stage to express yourself and to use your voice and strengths as an instrument for change.

Using Judaism and Jewish thinkers as our guides, we host weekly events that inspire positive thought and mindful action. We hope to work with you to create a healthy community.

We also organize monthly volunteer initiatives with a wide range of positive actions.

We hope to hear from you, and we look forward to hearing your voice in action,

Daniel and Aiden

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