Vancouver Rabbinic Residency

“Make Your Torah Permanent:” The Centrality of Torah Study

The Mishna in Avot (1:15) states “Aseh Toratecha Keva”, a person is asked to make the Torah central to life, to see that it has a keviut, a permanence – in relevance, in commitment, and in priority.

Every thriving Jewish community needs to have a place of Torah. This is the backbone of the community. At The Kollel, we are committed to have a permanent place of Torah study, open to all that wish to learn.

One is not just obligated to study, but to set a fixed time for study. When a person is kove’a ittim la-Torah, the individual indicates that Torah has a permanent place in their life.

This year we are partnering with Lemaan Yilmedu, a premiere English-language Halacha program to enhance and elevate the Kollel Torah learning. The learning will take place both on an individual level, using Lemaan Yilmedu’s signature, easy to understand course materials, and in a group format.

Ongoing programming

With this expansion and continued Kollel growth, we are looking to hire more staff to learn in the Kollel, and assist with outreach.

We are excite to offer this unique opportunity for a “soft, supported landing” to ensure long -term success and a seamless integration to the Makom Shlichus. New hires will focus on learning and training with part-time partnerships with other Chabad houses or Chinuch mosdos. After the training period, the family will integrate in the local community with Shlichus opportunities to continue to build the Vancouver Jewish Community. Competitive salary.