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Shabbat Meals and Daily Minyan

  • Parking

    Behind The Kollel.
    ⚠️ Due to subway construction, parking in Kollel rear will be restricted. For the time being, you can find parking on 8th avenue.

  • candles

    Shabbat at the Kollel

    Connect with local fun, and interesting people and enjoy a traditional, memorable Shabbat dinner. Authentic. Warm. Inspiring. No reservation required.

    For groups of 10+, or or any other inquiries, please email info@thekollel.com.

    For updated Shabbat schedule, click here.

    This week, Shabbat begins at 3:56pm and ends at 5:09pm.

  • Daily Minyan

    For daily Minyan schedule, click here.



The Ohel Yaʼakov Community Kollel is located in Kitsilano, B.C. The closest and most convenient accommodations are generally found on Airbnb (Airbnb.ca) – use the map feature to gauge walking distance to 1965 West Broadway. Click here for example.

There is a Holiday Inn within the eruv and walking distance:

Click here to see full map


  • Info

    The Eruv is checked every Friday to ensure that it is kosher for Shabbat. You can also call the shul office to check if the Eruv is kosher for that week. It is helpful to check the Eruv map to be aware of changes that may have been made that might affect you.

    Only the Eruv in Vancouver is current. There is no eruv in Richmond.

  • Phone Number

    Shul Office - (604) 736-7607


Schara Tzedeck Mikvah

  • Address

    3476 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 2L8

    The Schara Tzedeck Mikvah is located at the rear northeast corner of the synagogue building. Entry is off the lane, behind the shul.

  • Women

    To book an appointment click here.

    As a courtesy please try to give our volunteer attendants at least 24 hours notice when calling. If you are not able to do this, you may not get your first choice of times. As always, women are welcome to request a different attendant from the one listed, but that attendant must make contact with the scheduled attendant, whose appointment scheduling takes priority. If you have any questions please call Sarah Berger.

  • Men

    The Mikveh will be available for men to use on alternating Friday mornings between 10 am-12 pm. Each person will be given a 15 minute slot so that the Mikvah can be properly sanitized between each usage. Please enter from the backdoor of the Synagogue (not the Mikvah entrance) and someone will let you in.

    In keeping with the current mikveh safety policy, showers and toilets are not currently available. If you would like to make an appointment, email or call the shul's office.

  • Dishes

    Please make an appointment for the immersion of vessels, by calling the synagogue office.

  • Phone Number

    Sarah Berger - (604) 288-2571
    Synagogue Office - (604) 736-7607

  • Price: $18

Mikvah Mei Chaya - Richmond

Kosher Food

The following is a list of food services certified kosher by , the local Orthodox Kashrus agency in Vancouver:

Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine

Garden City Bakery

Omnitsky Kosher

Sabra Kosher Bakery & Restaurant

Joti’s No Frills

Real Canadian Superstore

Kosher Food Warehouse

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