Faces of the Kollel

Den Sapeno

Hello everyone, born in Mexico City, but call Vancouver my home now.  Love seeing the changes of the seasons and spending quality time with the people I care about. I enjoy playing darts, trying new activities, learning about innovation and spontaneity.

Hi! We have recently arrived in Vancouver from Winnipeg and are enjoying this beautiful city. We are originally from South America and have been in Canada for around 3 years. We are looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying all the activities that the city has to offer.

Colin Szeplabi

Colin was born and raised in Vancouver. True to his roots, he loves to ski and hike. One of his favourite things to do is meet new people and learn about their stories. Colin recently graduated from UBC, where he studied Political Science. He now works as a commercial insurance broker.

Dana Koren

Hey everyone my name is Dr. Dana Koren, and I’m a Chiropractor.  I moved to Vancouver from Israel 16 years ago. After living in California for a few years, it’s been awesome returning to the Kollel to meet some amazing new people and reconnect with old community members! I’m excited to be helping out withContinue reading "Dana Koren"

Ben Ames

Hi everyone, my name is Ben.  I grew up in Vancouver and I came back here after I completed my undergraduate degree in History in Montreal.   I am passionate about being involved in the Jewish community and strengthening my connection through learning Torah.  In my spare time, I enjoy skiing, training martial arts, readingContinue reading "Ben Ames"

Adin Mauer

My name is Adin Mauer. An engineering student at UBC. Probably studying most hours of the day. Out running 🏃‍♂️ otherwise. I know I still have lots more to discover in British Columbia! Can’t wait to meet you all at The Kollel!

Jenny Orlov

My name is Jenny. I recently moved to Vancouver to study and enjoy this beautiful city. I’m very passionate and involved within the Jewish community of Greater Vancouver, both as an educator in several Jewish schools and as a volunteer. I look forward to bringing more innovative ideas and happy events to our amazing community.

Misha Mazur

Hey everyone! I’m Misha and have recently moved back to Vancouver. By day, I enjoy problem-solving and getting the creative juices flowing as a management consultant. By night and in my spare time, I’m either on an adventure or planning one…outdoors, on the dance floor, or with family and friends. Looking forward to making newContinue reading "Misha Mazur"

David Ripsman

My name is David, I am originally from the GTA, and I just started my medical residency in neurology at UBC! Vancouver is a beautiful city, and I am lucky to be here, studying and working in a field that I love. I am excited to call Vancouver home for at least the next 5Continue reading "David Ripsman"

Liel Rabinovich

My name is Liel Rabinovich🥰. I’m from Israel and have been in Canada for the last two years. I work as a teacher assistant.  I love working out and listening to music. I love discovering new coffee places and restaurants.