February 2016

This week at the Kollel
  • Sunday 7 February
    28 Shevat
  • Monday 8 February
    29 Shevat
  • Tuesday 9 February
    30 Shevat
  • Wednesday 10 February
    1 Adar
  • Thursday 11 February
    2 Adar
  • Friday 12 February
    3 Adar
  • Saturday 13 February
    4 Adar
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Shabbat Services and Dinner this Week

Carlebach Services: 7:30 pm
Dinner: 8:00 pm    
1965 West Broadway 

Friday Night Traditional Carlebach Experience.

These Shabbat dinners draw a crowd of young adults and encourage new friendships and connections.  

Shabbos Dinners at the Kollel have become the hub of communal Jewish life in Kitsilano. People come to celebrate Shabbat in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Come for the meal, but stay for the singing, laughter, networking and unique opportunity to build connections within the Jewish community.

No Cost. 

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