December 2016

This week at the Kollel
  • Sunday 4 December
    4 Kislev
  • Monday 5 December
    5 Kislev
  • Tuesday 6 December
    6 Kislev
  • Wednesday 7 December
    7 Kislev
  • Thursday 8 December
    8 Kislev
  • Friday 9 December
    9 Kislev
  • Saturday 10 December
    10 Kislev
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MEGA Kollel Shabbat Experience
with Rabbi Moshe Bryski

Come see what all the hype is about!

 Shabbat at the Kollel is an experience you don't want to miss.

 We will be hosting a weekend long Community Kollel Open House Shabbat experience.

Dec 8th - 
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm: Giant Challah Bake Social Event with Music and refreshments.
7:45 pm: Inspiring Lecture by our Guest, Rabbi Bryski  Location: Diamond Ballroom: 4th floor, 1495 West 8th ave.
Dec 9th - Friday night Carlebach Service followed by Dinner at 7:30pm, with our Guest, Rabbi Bryski. Location: Kollel, 1965 West Broadway
Dec 10th - Shabbat services (10:00am), followed by a Shabbat Lunch Program (12:pm) AND Saturday night Havdalah + Melava Malka (5:00pm):  Location: Kollel, 1965 West Broadway